Hello Friends,

As you're hopefully aware by now, we're closing the gap on putting our new album to wax.

Being a small, indie group, we were overjoyed to have the Golden West Broadcast group award us a grant to help with production costs.

Which was enough to cover a small run of vinyl LP's, and some cd's.

 As it sits, we don't want to over-order, nor do we want to under-order the LP.
We want everyone who's interested in getting a copy, to be able to possess one.

 Realistically, repressing down the road isn't a financially responsible manner to serve demand,

so, we're setting up this pre-order. We will also have the option of pre-ordering a CD here as well.
The more we order up front, the more economical this endeavor becomes.


Long story short... if you want a vinyl, now's the time to act. We will be running the pre-order over the next month leading up to the actual pressing time.

If you're a local (Kenora) resident, we will have an option for 'local delivery'... meaning no shipping charges.
$25 and one of us will pull up to your home and hand deliver the album to you, there's nothing we'd love more than to give you this in person.

Or, if you're a summer resident that will be here, you can select this option, and we will get it to you when you're in our lovely town.

Our timelines show that we could have the albums as soon as May, but with production delays that could stretch as far as July.

There's numerous speed bumps we need to account for, so, we will cross our fingers, but, need to be realistic.


Natrually, with a pre-order, you will get a digital copy of the album in advance of the release date for your listening enjoyment.


In the meantime, you can enjoy our first single from the album "Karma"

"I'm attempting clever" Our previous release is available: here Via Bandcamp,
Or, VIA itunes


Some nice words about "I'm Attempting Clever"

Heartfelt tunes and poignant lyrics that inspire thousands of pictures in the mind’s eye.  The raw, honest expression in Mike’s voice overflows with sincere emotion.
I love rootsy music, the sparceness, the airy spaces where the music and emotion breathe.  Like great literature, it’s sometimes about the spaces between the lines…
I’ve hitchhiked, taken buses, trains, planes and cars across many parts of Canada.  Great memories filled my head when I listened to these songs.  The music seems to capture the wind when it howls through the empty spaces in our hearts, just as it howls through the empty spaces between the cities and towns of this vast country.
Zenon West
Q107 Calgary